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All event regulations and entry forms are under the date of the event, on the Club Calendar.

Guide to the events run by the club is available here.

I expect there are many of you who have been to a hill climb and wanted to enter, but felt that you did not have a suitable car or that the total costs were prohibitive. Well for the Woolbridge Motor Club hill climbs the club has added one additional class to all its National B exclusive events, aimed at those of you who would like to enter with your road going car to see what it’s all about.

Full details of the class regulations are given at the end of this article, but in very simple terms all you need are the following:

(a)  A road going standard car with all it’s trim intact (full details in the regulations below);

(b)  A timing strut added on arrival at the event to the front of the car. This can be achieved easily without any damage to the car;

(c)  Ignition switch label added by the ignition switch to show the direction to turn the key to

(d)  Woolbridge Motor Club membership, which is £15 per year (which includes a monthly club magazine) and further information via the club web site at www.woolbridge.co.uk

(e)  MSA Speed Licence which allows you to compete in speed hill climbs. This can be obtained by telephoning the MSA at Motor Sports House on 01753-765000 and asking for a competitor’s licence application form to be sent to you. A non-race National B licence is £41 per year. This will, in addition, give you a copy of the MSA Competitors Year book, which includes all regulations for all types of events.

(f)  A helmet to the correct specification.  These can be obtained from many sources from about £139 upwards.

(g)  A pair of overalls to the correct specification. These can be obtained from many sources from about £170 upwards.

(h) A pair of gloves overalls to the correct specification. These can be obtained from many sources from about £25 upwards.

I would suggest that when you are purchasing your helmet and overalls, that you take with you the MSA year book and check the specification before you make your purchase.

With just an outlay of about £390 and your standard road going car you will have yourself kitted out ready for a day’s hill climbing, only the licenses will need to be renewed yearly.

So if you are thinking about having ago or want any further advice you can contact me as defined below. Remember that with Christmas coming you might want to put a helmet and overalls on your wish list!


Tel: 01305-813407


    Woolbridge Motor Club -
    Standard Road Going Production Cars
    Roadgoing Specialist Production Cars

    (For new competitors entering in Woolbridge speed events).


1.      Cars must be standard show room cars as offered and sold by the original manufacturer, and where only additional items, defined below, which can be added or removed, are allowed.

2.      Competition licences up to Nat B only are permitted; Nat A and International licences are prohibited. Competitors can either be a member of Woolbridge Motor Club or of an invited club to the event.

3.      The organisers reserve the right to re-classify or exclude any car does not align to the “SPIRIT OF THE CLASS”, or that does not conform in any way whatsoever. These Regulations are designed “to limit the cost of Motorsport,” for your enjoyment and REMEMBER: IF IT DOESN'T SAY YOU CAN.......THEN YOU CAN'T!

4.      Cars eligible are as defined in section 'S' of the current MSA Yearbook  are:

    - Road-Going Series Saloons and Sports Cars Production Cars produced in quantities of not less than 1000 per annum.

    - Road-Going Specialist Production Cars with a minimum annual  production of 20 chassis Cars which do not qualify as Road-Going Series Production

    - Cars must compete in an event in a road legal condition.


5.      Items mandatory within sections “J” and “K” of the current MSA Yearbook for road going classes MUST be fitted. Fire proofing may be required in addition to original manufactured bulkheads.

6.      The following items which must be removed from the car are as follows:

    a.       Spare wheel, Jack, Tool kit (on safety grounds, in case they come loose and fly around).

7.      The original manufacturer’s chassis or monocoque for the car MUST remain unaltered in all dimensions and material.

8.      Body panels, windows (including their operating mechanisms) and screens, internal or external to the car, must remain as per the original material and shape, in the car. No changes or alterations may be made whatsoever.

9.  All carpets, trim, soundproofing and seats (including their internals) MUST be retained.

10.  Modification to the engine including its air filter, drive train and control systems is expressly prohibited, which includes their mounting and position within the car.

11.  Suspension systems and operation, MUST remain and operate as originally fitted.

12.  Brakes and the braking systems must remain as original equipment (callipers and discs) and have a fully operational handbrake.

13.  Tyre sizes shall be as catalogue for that make and model of car, and conform to those allowed on the public highway under the Road Traffic Act ONLY, and which at all times during the event must have a tread depth that complies with use on the public highway in a legal condition.

14.  Wheels may be changed to a different type.

15.  Wheel arch extensions are prohibited unless a showroom option.

16.  The following items ONLY may be changed, but MUST remain fully compliant with the Road Traffic Act:

    a.      Steering wheel;
    b.      Drivers seat;
    Drivers seat belt.

17.  The following MUST BE CURRENT AND PRODUCED at the event scrutineering:

    a.      Current road tax;
    b.      Current MOT as applicable;
    Current insurance.

Trade plates are expressly prohibited.

19.  In all cases the onus of proof shall remain with the competitor and be available at scrutineering for the event.

20.  Cars entered in this class WILL NOT SCORE POINTS in any championship run at this event.

21.  The class WILL NOT be sub-divided in the event of a large class of entries.


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