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Autotechnics Trophy Car Trial


Annual Club Dinner


4x4 Trial

Christmas Cracker Slalom


AGM & Pictorial Quiz


Boxing Day Taster Trial


MCC Exeter Trial

Woolbridge marshalling
‘Norman’s Hump’ section


12 Car Navigation Event


4x4 Trial


Hogcliff Trophy Car Trial


Skittles against Porsche

Welcome to the Woolbridge Motor Club web site.
The club runs a wide variety of motor sport and social events annually including:

Autotests; Autosolos; Car Trials; 4x4 Trials; 4x4 Punch Trials; Classic Trials; Speed Hill Climbs; Navigational Rallies, marshalling and social events.

These events range from local club events, through to regional and national level.
Woolbridge is a member of the following national and regional motor sport organisations:

Please feel free to explore and visit again soon, any constructive suggestions would be very much appreciated together with any articles, information, links and photographs which could be added to both the website and monthly magazine

You can contact us here,
or add your comment directly via the club forum on Facebook.

If you would like more information about the club or an event,

please feel free to contact a club official.

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